123 Project Management

Project Management is a complex activity and requires many capabilities, talents and skills. Instead of unfocussed attention in many directions, try just these 4 steps and you will achieve all around success in your personal life and career! Effective project managers utilize document tracking and capex software to help streamline processes and budget planning.

Improve your handling of any / all of these 4 spheres whenever you want better, faster all round success.

Our 4 Simple Steps to Make Project Management Easy:


Learn to Grow in the 4 areas of Customer Realationships (CRM), Project Management, Team Building and Finance and Accounting.

We show you how to enhance your skills in a balanced manner you achieve success, have fun and enjoy a stress free life! Now you can have your cake and eat it too!


1. Customer Relationships

CRM : Internal & External Business Customers

Serve your customer well and success will follow. Learn what is important to your clients, subscribers, customers.

Be aware of internal and external customers:

  • your organization top management,your shareholders,
  • your actual clients: how to make them eat out of your hands.

Grow the love your customers have for you and reap the benefits of great wealth, happiness and success.

Learn how with Project CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

2. Project Management: Projects, Business

You are a talented, hard-working professional. You love your work. You excel at what you do. Now you need to know how to utilize your great technical, professional know-how to create wealth, happiness and success for yourself.

You want to know the more efficient, effortless, effective ways of doing things. You’d love to have fun and frolic, fizz and effervescence in your life always.

Learn how with a look at Project Management!

3. Team Building: Employee & Team Management

Be aware of yourself! (Self Improvement guides you.)
And then be aware of the persons around you. Your continued success and progress in life soon starts depending on those:

  • who surround you
  • work for you
  • work with you.

You need to convince your boss that you are valuable. You should know how to gain the esteem and respect of your colleagues, your team members and friends.

Motivation, Communication, Leadership skills are a few techniques, skills and behaviors you need to know. In order to experience a faster career growth, You need to take your team with you.

Manage others well – and you can guarantee your own Success.

Learn the tricks of the trade with Project Team Building (Team Management).

4. Finance and Accounting

Finance: involves balancing project risk and profitability, while attempting to maximize the project efficiency (ROI, IRR and so on).

Planning, implementing and improving company’s finance infrastructure is an important skill that should be developed.

Financial planning methods:

  • economic and mathematical modelling
  • normative method
  • the balance method

Improve the effectiveness of your projects with the financial planning and financial consulting.

Learn how with Finance and Accounting.