Self Improvement

Success isn’t just about Money. It’s about having peace of mind and happiness along with money.

“Project Serenity – How to gain Happiness and Peace” shows You 10 Powerful Ways Happiness and Peace will lead you to Success in Every area of Your Life – Personal, Professional, Material & Spiritual.

Learn how to Enjoy a Stress Free Life, Enhance your Relationships and Achieve True All-Round Success.

How to Align Your Goals for Success

Do You wish You could Achieve all the Goals You set for Yourself? Learn why You failed in the Past and What You should know & do, to set and Achieve all Your Goals. Attain all round Success through well planned & achieved Goals.
How to Align Your Goals for Success

7 Ways to Reach Success At Any Stage of Your Career

Did You face situations when You had to let go of great jobs because You lacked certain Skills? You need to prepare in advance to seize the Opportunities that life deals You. Let us see what knowledge, skills, talents and strengths You require to gain the Winning Edge at every Stage of Your Career.

5 Steps to Escape being Downsized

Did You wonder why certain people were downsized and others were not? Here are 5 things you should do to ensure that you Escape being Downsized.

Can Nathan avoid being downsized

This case study depicts Nathan’s feelings and thoughts when he was downsized. It describes the actions that contributed to Nathan’s downfall. Nathan learns that by avoiding these mistakes, he can ensure he is never fired.

Design and Live Your Perfect Day

Happiness is nearer to you than your shadow. All you need to do is take the effort to describe your perfect day. You will often find that more than 50% of the items that can bring you joy and happiness are within your control. For items outside your direct control, reword, redesign them to speak of what you need to do to move towards the desired goal.

How to Conquer Fear of Success

Do some of us intentionally ruin opportunities to reach our goals? How can we recognize and overcome this obstacle to our success? Learn how to conquer the fear of success and get out of your own way.

3 Ways to Help Yourself towards Success

Sometimes Success comes to us without second thought. Sometimes we struggle a lot and still find success just out of our grasp. Here are 3 simple Ways we can make Success become a habit. Moving from one Success to another then becomes Second Nature and as simple as Regular breathing.

7 Skills You Need to Negotiate Better

When confronted by a crisis, man usually takes recourse to one of 2 options: fight or flight. However we human beings have a third option – negotiation – which we need to cultivate into a skill. Learn the 7 skills you need to get the best from your negotiations.

Manager David Succeeds with the Imp’s Help

Discipline yourself to make full use of the mischievous imaginative Inner Self that exists within You. You will then surprise yourself by easily achieving all that You desire. Learn in this case study how David improved his project management skills by making full use of his Imp.

10 Steps to Financial Freedom: Give Money breathing space

Money is an important ingredient of happiness. It may not be the beginning or the end of all success. But in order to remain content, happy and serene, we need to evaluate and recognize the place and space that we are willing to give Money. Learn 10 Steps which will place you firmly on the path to financial serenity.

On the bench: Drown or Sail

You have completed a project successfully, gained great credit, customer delight and satisfaction. The next project will take a few weeks to start. What you do while you are
benched, between projects between jobs determines to a great extent how fast you will achieve success in your Career.

How to Regularly Achieve Repeat Success

Success is not a one-time act. You need to repeat one success with a second; and the second with a third … life moves forward and you need the next success to satisfy your growing expectations and desires. You need to know how to make Success a habit.

5 Steps to a Faster Promotion

In order to get faster promotion, you need to be able to answer Yes to each of the following 3 questions: Are you challenged at your job? Are you listened to? Are you recognized? Here are 5 Steps that help you answer “Yes”.