Team building Recipe

Team building is a lot like making a cake. The right ingredients in right proportions are required. Too much of people-concern could jeopardize the project success; too much of project pressures could lead to costly re-work. The cake should bake to a golden brown; not too light and not too black. Here is the recipe for project success through good team management.



Take lots and lots of people skills: understanding, patience, listening, and compassion. Refer to “Top 10 Qualities of Great Team Leaders” and “The Top 10 Steps to Create Winning Teams“.



Add in the interested, talented individuals. Refer to “10 Traits of a Good Team Member“. Mix it well. Keep aside for a week.



Take up a business project. Involve the people in defining the nitty gritty details of the timeline plan for the project. Finalize first Plan.


Anticipate Risks

Throw in the risk elements, the anticipated uncertainties and the contingency plan to mitigate or avoid these. Refer to “Risk Management Reduces Project Fires“. Add these ingredients to the Plan. Keep aside for a week.


Estimate Right Fit

Now after a weeks time, take a fresh look at the team members and the Plan. Have they jelled well? If yes continue making the Team-Project Cake; else make the necessary replacements and change the ingredients for more suitable ones.



Mix well the skills and the people. Is the mixture palatable? Aggressive enough for the market conditions in which the project is to live? Is the team humane enough to withstand pressures with understanding and fun-filled excitement? Can they meet unexpected obstacles with determination and persistence? Do they have the ability and intelligence, the art and the science to plan and re-plan their project and personal Plans?



Now just allow the mixture to execute the project. Place it in the oven of business life. Bake well till tender and light brown.


Analyze – Team culture

Take the cake out when the project is over. How does the finished product look? Did the members work as a team? If yes add the icing and yellow decorative roses depicting friendliness amongst the team members. Encourage and spread the word about the exemplary working conditions to be emulated within rest of the company.


Analyze – Customer Delight

The next test is was the product and project completed as per customer’s specifications and expectations? Refer to “5 Steps to Better Manage Your Customers’ Expectations” and “5 Steps to Delight Your Customers“. Has the customer requested for a repeat project? Did the customer already sign up for his next project(s)?

If yes, add the red roses to the icing on the cake. Encourage and spread the word about the exemplary customer relationship building that has been achieved by the team. Give them their promotions, monetary rewards and awards. Recognize the customer orientation in the team.


Repeat Success

Keep safely this recipe. Take down the tips, lessons and techniques that the team has adopted to have receive the yellow roses of friendly atmosphere and the red roses for customer satisfaction and delight. Repeat these tips, lessons and techniques of the successful team building in the next cake that you bake.