Team Management

Team building Recipe

Team building is a lot like making a cake. The right ingredients in right proportions are required. Too much of people-concern could jeopardize the project success; too much of project pressures could lead to costly re-work. The cake should bake to a golden brown; not too light and not too black. Here is the recipe for project success through good team management.
Team building Recipe

The Top 10 Steps to Create Winning Teams Out of Ordinary, Self-centered Individuals

In any business, Prosperity and Success is the result of Teamwork and Synergy. Often we come across a set of brilliant individuals and wish that we could make them work together for the greater good of the whole organization. Here are the ingredients of the gel that brings self centered Individuals together to form Winning Teams.
10 Steps to Create Winning Teams

Reduce Schedule Pressure for Greater Employee Satisfaction

To remain competetive in today’s fast-paced world, companies need to upgrade their products with new features in record time. This introduces schedule pressure on the project team members. The employees long for the day when they will be able to work normal hours and gain more pleasure and satisfaction out of their jobs.

10 Traits of a Good Team Member

What attributes do you look for in a team member? What is the mix of attributes, traits, skills, talents that you should gather into your team? Here are the top 10 attributes of a good team member.

5 Ways a Manager can Help a Team Member

Teachers and Managers have a lot of similar responsibilities — with respect to those who come under their supervision. Therefore this article goes to Quotations on Teaching and teachers to arrive at 5 Ways a Manager can help a team member.

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Team Leader

When we live near a great leader we are transformed and improved beyond our dreams. Find out what qualities a great leader should possess. This can be read in the context of student and teacher, child and parent too: the principles and Top 10 qualities remain the same.

Employee as a Partner to Business Success

Team members should be treated as equals and valued for their contributions. In order to benefit the most from a long retention and excellent contribution while the employee is on board, here are a few tips to be followed.

Anger Contributes to Project Success

There are situations when negotiations and compromise are inappropriate attitudes for a manager. When team members flout discipline, honesty and other values that the company holds dear, then managers need to be strict, firm and know how to use anger in a constructive manner. Learn how with this case study of 3 managers and their response to such a situation.

Opposites Attract – Business Success

Opposites attract – they sure do. In the business world we need to mix and match management styles and personalities. The aim is to achieve faster better decision making, risk-taking and business growth. Here is a case study.