Effective Project Management Solution

While executing a project, manager faces a number of challenges among which are: control on remote team members, the necessity to change project plan according to the situation and reassign task if needed. To deal with these problems project management solutions were designed, and in the article we will talk about the features an effective project management solution should have.

The main goal of any project management program is saving time and making the whole process as automated as possible. With the help of different task tracking software it will be much easier to create multiple tasks, appoint executors, set deadlines, track tasks and overall distribute your time and time of your team wisely.

While choosing a project management solution for your company, make sure the software is customizable, doesn’t require special training and a team of IT specialists and allows mobile or Internet access. Ideally, these programs should not only be usable, they should also have the feature that would allow manager to make changes in the workflow. That way you will be able to control your team and revise plan even while in business trip.

Task tracking tools allow minimizing mistakes that are caused by so called human factor. Let’s take a look at pretty common situation: when managers make radical changes in the project plan they have to let the executors know about those changes. Usually it’s done by using phone, email or Skype, but such approach can lead to a whole lot of confusion and mistakes. Why? First of all, the manager can simply miss a couple of names in the list of executors or send an e-mail to a wrong address. Things happen, especially when manager has dozens of employees under supervision. That’s why it’s so important to have project management software. With a couple of clicks you will be able to change the task, send notification to each member of your team involved in the project and save yourself time you would spend making calls and sending e-mails.

To automate workflow you can use, for instance, Comindware workflow software. Once the task is completed the program will send notification to the executor of the following task. It’s also great for those employees who tend to struggle with deadlines. You can set up the system so it would send alerts when the task date is due without you having to annoy your team with constant reminders.

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