Why should you monitor databases?

We can hear such a question quite often and people keep asking it still not realizing the whole importance of database monitoring.

According to the numerous statistics data, hackers steal huge sums of money and amounts of data from all kinds of databases by breaking the systems and making breaches in their network security.

A database of any company is crucial for the company success and effective performance.

And only expert know that to break into the database can take several minutes or even less, and the losses cannot be even predicted after that.

So, they have developed database monitoring software to predict and, in some way, to stop database breakage to the amount possible.

After you have installed any kind of database monitoring solution, you are able to detect any alterations in the system and take the necessary measures. Such software will let you check the servers where the database is located and see its operations, response time, availability and the performance during the peak times.

Reliable database monitoring software provides administrators with the insight of the whole system i.e. how the data is looked at, who looks it and when. At that moment, the task is to notice the normal procedure flow and a cyber attack.

Implementing data monitoring software really gives a hand in protection against any SQL injections, thus blocking such type of malware processes.

anturisFortunately, there are a lot of tools which are active in database monitoring. We can distinguish the latest software Anturis that has been designed to fulfill SQL monitoring. This solution will help to check the availability of the servers, log errors, to trace the user behavior and so on.

As you can see from above the necessity to monitor databases is vital, as they provide the company stable work and the profit.