Manage software development

Workflow management recently started to gain growing importance among numerous business spheres. Software development was not left out from this tendency. In fact, software development was one of the first types of businesses that successfully implemented and used workflow automation. If you are involved with this sphere you should know how important and even sometimes crucial cooperation between developers is. This article is aimed to discuss some important aspects and processes that are related to software development that play one of the key roles in this type of business.

First of all, consider making an online problem tracking or bug reporting database. Although this is something you would need on later stages, you should think about it beforehand, since a good bug tracker will save a lot of time and effort at the early software testing stages. The system has to preferably be web-based, in order to provide easy access for both developers and testers.

Secondly, all the software has to have a versioning format. This will save you a lot of nerves in terms of workflow tracking, updating your software, fixing the issues and adding functionality. Even though your company might not be as large, having a well-organized system of versions for each application will help you manage them, once you start developing more than project.

Speaking of versions, it is important to add that your software development business has to have a good notification system that will update the entire developer team on the new application builds and changes. This may be carried out using e-mail notification service or a software tracker. The second option is a lot more convenient as it not only provides notifications, but is also capable of storing all the necessary files and carrying out other important management tasks.

Although your notification system may be as perfect as assigning tasks in person, nothing can replace a face to face communication between the developers and the manager. Holding regular meetings is an essential part of any software developing process, since these meetings will not only enhance cooperation and promote communication, but will also serve as a break for developers, where they can have a cup of coffee and discuss the project together.

The above mentioned solutions proved their worthiness in many companies around the world. Today, workflow tracking by itself is used in almost every aspect of software development and, moreover, has been successfully integrated within many other types of business. Considering these enhancements in your company will certainly become a long run benefit.