Risks of not using network monitoring software

Every business in the world right now has some presence on the Internet, and while being on the Internet, a company is likely to meet a lot of emergency situations from hack attacks to information theft.

Every person will agree that monitoring software in the firm is a necessity to protect the company security and, thus, ensuring the future flourishing of the business.

If you are not still aware of the risks of not installing network monitoring software like Anturis, here are the most dangerous things that you can face on the Internet.

Firstly, while working on the Internet you are likely to meet lots of malware programs. They can be of various types starting from viruses which can infect only one PC in the network and to such software that can ruin the whole site and lead to the whole network breakage. Network monitoring software is able to see such malware and to block it from seeing or may be downloading.

Secondly, the Internet is a great way to steal information. Every day we hear about millions of data thefts. Every firm, which works online, is under a threat to be robbed. Having some kind of network monitoring tool is a guarantee that some secrets will be more protected and will have limited access.

Thirdly, when surfing the Internet do not forget about the legal side. In case anyone from the office downloads illegal software or a film, some music. Before the copyrights issue turns up, your network monitoring solution is able to warn you about any downloads.
Fourthly, setting up monitoring software is a chance to supervise the staff of the company. By observing what they do on the Internet you will be able to protect not only the business from all kinds of emergency situations, but the workforce themselves from accessing banned sites or loading abusive content to the Net.

If your company still doesn’t have monitoring software you are likely to be affected by the malware from the Internet; the data that your company clients share with your business can be stolen and used in a different way; copyright suits will appear in the life of the firm if someone violates the copyright law by downloading the information from the Net; the staff of the business is not under a total control ,thus being at risk of creating conflict situations and having unlimited access to everything on the Internet.