How to manage your tasks simultaneously

In modern-day competitive business managers have to know how to track multiple tasks simultaneously, otherwise the company won’t be able to maintain its position among other companies that are eagerly waiting to claim the spot on the market.

To be able to manage the issues which were delegated to you and those you delegate to your staff you have to come up with some kind of a system that’ll allow you to track progress of all ongoing projects. And if you want to cut the time you spend on checking each and every detail it would be a good idea to start using special task tracking software.

Such time management software will allow you to organize tasks, assign them to employees and distribute your time wisely. With the help of task tracking systems you will be able to organize working process in a way that is convenient both for you and your employees, as this kind of software allows not only create tasks but also set priorities, deadlines and delegate tasks within one system. Having this one system you will be able to run several projects at the same time and control the process.

Using such system as Comindware Tracker will prevent you from missing deadlines, because the program will send you alert when the task is due and you will be able to interfere in the process if necessary.

For those managers who have to run several projects at the same time business trips are practically inevitable and they hardly sit behind the desk every day. If that is your case then you should choose time management program that has mobile version available. That way you will be able to check up on your staff even if you are in the conference in another city or waiting for your flight at the airport.

But remember that even though an effective task tracking software can save you a sufficient amount of time it’s not a cure. There are several quite simple rules that’ll allow you to concentrate on your priority tasks and use your time wisely. First of all, make sure that your working space is comfortable and you have everything you might need at hand. If you get easily distracted while working try to minimize those distractions. For instance, if you spend 7 minutes checking your email or Facebook page, in the end of the day you have about an hour of wasted time that you could’ve used for monitoring current projects.

As you can see, with a little help of modern technologies and self-disciplineit’s quite possible to organize your working process effectively and manage several tasks at the same time.

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