Secrets of delivering a public speech

Delivering a speech in front of an audience is a terrifying experience for many people of different age, so we thought it would be a good idea to share some secrets on how to prepare for a public speech and deliver it in a best way possible.

Let’s start with choosing a topic. Sometimes you are just given the theme of your speech, but sometimes you are in position to choose. If that is the case, make sure you go with the theme that inspires you and motivates you. Remember that audience will always feel whether you are interested in the subject or not, and if you are interested some small mistakes in your speech will likely go unnoticed.

While you are preparing you speech, don’t script it, because the more detailed your script is – the more chances for something to go wrong if you suddenly lose thread of thoughts. Instead prepare small thesis cards that would help you to structure your speech without learning it by rote. And another advantage of cards is that they allow you keeping an eye contact with people in the audience and monitoring their reaction to your speech.

Practice your speech in front of the mirror at least several times and then ask your friends or family members to be your “focus group” for a while. That will help you to understand whether you have “parasite” words and gestures that might distract audience and show that you are nervous. And, if it’s an option, practice in the room where you are going to delivery your speech; that will allow you not feeling lost and intimidated when the time comes.

And if you are still feeling like you are going to forget everything you’ve prepared, you can use wireless spy ear to make sure you are going to deliver the speech exactly like you’ve been practicing it. In order to use spy ear you are going to need two more things: a partner who will help you out in case you forget something and a cell phone with Bluetooth support. The newest generation of spy sets, like MWE watch set, for instance, is designed in a way that you can be absolutely sure that no one, except you and your partner, would ever guess that someone is helping you out. Knowing that someone is supporting you will bring up your confidence and allow delivering your speech without fear that something might go wrong, so you can concentrate on your performance instead of your notes.

Use some of these tips and you’ll soon learn that public speeches are not so scary, especially if you have someone to back you up.