The most effective Agile tools for project management

More and more companies apply Agile methodology to their management, and there is a reason for that. Agile helps running fast and effective projects and brings visibility into the process. And that’s only a couple of the benefits you get from using Agile. We are going to discuss three effective Agile project management tools so you could see all the perks of this method.

Pivotal Tracker

Created specifically for Agile projects this tool uses iterative management workflow approach that allows create tasks and activities of different priority, define user stories, estimate complexity, organize tasks by labels and convert stories into projects.

Practical and informative dashboard with real-time updates provides users with the data on every single aspect of the project, enabling to maintain perfect visibility and track tasks.

Virtual team room creates opportunities for collaboration between distant team members, which boost efficiency of project execution.

Pivotal Tracker automatically creates charts and calculates future iterations based on previous performance.

This Agile tool will come in handy for those who want to get lightweight but effective workflow solution with collaborative features.


This simple and user-friendly app for Agile projects is anice fit for small and middle sized companies that don’t need complex integrations and customizations features.

AgileWrap provides such essential features as: creating tasks, drag-and-drop planning, reporting features, dashboard and so on.

This tool provides users with very convenient navigation system that allows easily moving from projects to tasks, backlog or reports with one click. It also offers search that helpsfindingany needed task/report/responsible assignee within a program.

Using this app you will be able to benefit from flexible planning features that allow adding new tasks, activities or iterations while planning.

Advanced tracking is another advantage of AgileWrap. Color coded cards helps seeing the priority of each task and task board support enables tracking tasks, hours spent for each iterationand other aspects of project execution

Among other helpful features of this app are: automated email notifications, personal “to do” lists and powerful analyze reports.

Overall, I would say that this app provides teams with easy to use management features and offers everything that might be needed for execution of basic Agile projects.

Comindware Tracker

This system is not just workflow management software for Agile projects, it combines highly effective collaboration features, automation processes and flexible task tracking.

Comindware allows creating complex workflows with auto-generated tasks with drag-and-drop ease and make changes in them even if the projects are being executed at the moment.

The system comes with pre-designed finance and administration and human resources software, solutions for marketing, software development and other departments. That allows managers to save time by using ready to go workflow templates or easily customize them according to the needs of specific project.

It also offers unique collaborative features that allow creating discussions, leaving comments and attaching them right to the task. The system allows sharing all sorts of media files, which makes working processes much less time-consuming.

Since the solution is web-based all the information is safely stored on the cloud server and managers and employees have permanent access to it, which allows controlling each stage of the project more closely.

Comindware also enables easy integration with other business tools, including MS Outlook.

Thanks to its incredible flexibility the system is a good fit both for small business owners that have to keep several aspects of the business under their umbrella and large companies with multiple departments that want to automate routine working processes and reduce paperwork.

Bottom line: Even though we’ve briefly discussed only three solutions for managing Agile projects it’s clear that there is a variety among them when it comes to the features they provide. So whether you choose a simple solution or the one with multiple elaborate functions should first of all depend on the current needs of your business.